Street art

“Three divers”

333UpFest 2018, Bristol, UK


Abandoned mental hospital in Denmark Hill, London, UKcasfasf

A concrete pillar in a squat in Camden, London, UKPILLARS

TAA 2016, Hoxton, London, UK. Collaboration with Morgan Davy, Illustre Feccia and ZamZam


Craiova, Romania – 2014. Part of “Monumental” – street art festival organised by Vlad Dragulescu, Thanks to Kero Zen for inviting me!!!


Dalston, London, UK – 2016, 2015, 201414067903_1128776580543023_3736409687513447195_ocontainer002krum4oIhtiman, Bulgaria – 2016


Clapton, London, UK – 2016staircasebang04staircasebang03staircasebang02staircasebang01

Camden, London, UKstreetcamdenCollaboration with Maria Positano in a squat in Camden, London, UK

.facebook_2038038832.facebook_-529812094Collaboration with Maria Positano in an abandoned mental hospital Denmark Hill, London, UK


TAA 2016, Hoxton, London, UK

TAA_mural_001Deptford, London, UK%d0%ba2%d0%ba1Viva Tapas Bar, Dalston, London, UK. Organised by Dalston Social Artsviva-tapas-bar-dalstonlondonDalston, London, UK


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