Artist CV

Krom Bagelsky’s murals represent visions of figurative silhouettes which appear spontaneously, echoing the memories of mysteries from the past. 


  • “20th International Biennial of humour and satire”, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • “Ceramic Sculpture” – collective student exhibition, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • “Erasmus Exhibition” – Academy of arts and design, Wroclaw, Poland
  • “The narcissistic capsule” – public sculpture project – Academy of arts and design, Wroclaw, Poland
  • “The 5th Biennial of small forms” – Pleven, Bulgaria
  • “Missing Temporality” – solo exhibition curated by “5 open art space”, KEVA, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • “Project streets of Ihtiman” – creator and curator of the first street art project in Bulgaria, Ihtiman, Bulgaria


  • “The Cleaners” – collective exhibition curated by Nazir Tanbouli, Studio 75, Hoxton, London, UK
  • “The Shift” – drawing installation, Amersham Arms, New Cross, London, UK
  • “Giant Creatures” – mural project, Bootstrap company, Dalston, London, UK
  • “Large Drawings” – solo exhibition in Art Hub Gallery, Deptford,
    London, UK
  • “The Yellow Wall” – solo exhibition curated by Nazir Tanbouli, Chalet Café, Hoxton, London, UK
  • “Deptford X” – Art Hub Gallery, Deptford, London, UK
  • “Lost Dawn” – The prince of Wales, Brixton, London, UK


  • “Species” – solo exhibition in Dalston Social, Dalston, London, UK
  • “We are all in one boat” – collective exhibition curated by Minesweeper
    Collective + Le Gagibi(Lille, France) – The birds nest, Deptford, London, UK
  • “Primitive impulses” – curator,Undercurrents Gallery, London, UK
  • “PerpleX” – live drawing competition, New Cross, London, UK
  • “Monumental” – Street art project in Craiova, Romania
  • “Stomach” – collective exhibition at Arch 402 Gallery, Hoxton Arches, Hoxton, London


  • “Divers”- mural at Hackney Comunity College,part of the Skills Show 2015,London,UK
  • “Constructive Emotions”- mural and exhibition, curated by DSart, Dalston
  • “London Calling 2015”- Art Now + Factory Art Projects – Barge House, OXO Tower, London, UK
  • “Process”- solo exhibition at DSartViva Gallery, Dalston, London, UK


  • “Reshape”- collective exhibition at BSMT Space, Dalston, London
  • “0 or 1” – Collective exhibition at The Hive Dalson, London, UK
  • TAA,“Random Artists” – ExFed – Manorhouse, 199 Eade Rd, London N4 1DN


  • “The Bigger Picture”- Showcasing works done with the help of students from Lark Hall School and Hornsby House School, in collaboration with Progress London and Reshape London. The Workshop, Kennington, London, UK
  • TAA,“Random Artists” – Hoxton Arches, Hoxton, London,UK
  • “RHS Flower Show” – sculpture/installation, together with Reshape collective and Progress London – Hampton Court Palace, UK
  • “Veer” – collective exhibition, organised by Minesweeper collective – Deptford, London, UK
  • “Cable street arts festival” – Cable street studios, London, UK
  • “White Cross Street Festival” – public street art/muralism – White Cross Street, Old Street, London, UK


  • “UpFest” – the biggest street art festival in Europe – Bristol, UK


  • TAA, “Random Artists”, Lewisham, London, UK
  • “The Rural murals project”, Lyubnitza, Bulgaria – Creator, organizer and artist


  • Project “Rings of time” – ( highest historical mural in Europe ) – Painting of the paleolithic ring of time – Dryanovo, Bulgaria
  • “Street Art Penge”, London, UK
  • “The Rural Murals Project” , Ihtiman and Tryavna, Bulgaria


  • Project “Rings of time” – Painting of the ring of Culture Varna and the ring of Thrace – Dryanovo, Bulgaria
  • FIG – Festival of illustration and design – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Third biennial of contemporary art – Hristo Tsokev Gallery, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • TAA exhibitions – London, UK